Early Stages

A New Play Development Experience for Schools

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“Thanks for this VERY COOL opportunity! In such strange times, we appreciate that you are still helping us provide AUTHENTIC DRAMA EXPERIENCES for our students.”
– Christina, Drama Teacher, Beverly Glen JPS

“It was a VERY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE, and I really appreciate it!”
– Bianca, Teacher, Valley Park Middle School

Featuring new plays by five playwrights, YPT gives students an inside look at the early stages of play development. Classrooms receive exclusive access to live-streamed readings of new works in progress.

Please note that this is an interactive experience, with playwrights curious about your students’ perceptions and opinions on specific elements of the play. Prior to the reading, teachers will be supplied with questions for their students and will be asked to submit their feedback to YPT afterwards.

For more details or to register your class, please contact Susan Waycik, Box Office Supervisor, at yptboxoffice@youngpeoplestheatre.org.

This program is offered at no cost.



Gospel Truth

By Kanika Ambrose
May 20, 2021
Recommended for Gr. 6-10

Gospel Truth focuses on the life of a young Black girl living on a Virginia plantation in the 1850’s and the changes that come unexpectedly with the arrival of a stranger from the north. Based on the novel by Caroline Pignat.



Past Plays

Kevin Dyer

The Fixing Girl

By Kevin Dyer
Oct. 21
Recommended for Gr. 5-8

Mum’s thoughtlessness is making Meghan’s horrible day worse. Meghan hopes to find the answer to feeling better in the shed where she and Grandad fix broken things, but instead only finds more questions.

“Seeing the YPT play reading of The Fixing Girl was INVIGORATING. I was amazed that three actors in separate locations and a narrator reading stage directions were able to pull off such a MOVING and ENTERTAINING performance. If it was that good via a long distance performance, how great will the show be when we see it live? Thanks YPT for once again getting the creative wheels turning in my head.”
– Roy Fernandes, Principal, St Sylvester Catholic School (YPT Member School)

Alicia Richardson


By Alicia Richardson
Nov. 6 at 12:30PM (EST)

Recommended for Gr. 5-6

Twenty years after the Civil War, a talking mango tree begins to grow on a plot of land tended by a former slave and his young daughter. As a brutal winter threatens the future of the farm, will love or greed prevail?

“What an AMAZING performance!
Many of my students gave the performance a 10 OUT OF 10.”
– Tonya, Teacher, St. Anne Catholic Academy

WONDERFUL production. We do appreciate the opportunity to participate. KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK, as always!”
– Beth, Teacher, LC4 Virtual School

Paula Wing

Wicked Nix

By Paula Wing
Adapted from the book by Lena Coakley
Nov. 18 at 12:30PM (EST)
Recommended for Gr. 4-5

Wicked Nix, the foulest of the fairies, risks falling out of favour with the Faerie Queen if he can’t safeguard her woods. When a human settles in just before her return on Midsummer’s Eve, Nix is faced with difficult choices and an even more dangerous truth.

Rhiannon Collett


By Rhiannon Collett
Dec. 2 at 1:30PM (EST)
Recommended for Gr. 11-12

Sam’s life is falling apart, but it’s harder to notice now that her new best friend Kate has arrived at school. However, once they join together in an act of retribution in defense of Kate’s sister, they are both left to wonder if anyone is worthy of forgiveness.

Content Warning:
– Coarse Language
– Mature content: sexuality, mention of domestic violence, underage smoking and drinking, violence and violent imagery (pushing, beer bottle thrown at someone), mental health (panic attacks, anger management).
Note: This is a reading, so actions are not enacted.

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