Artist Educator Program

The Artist Educator program at YPT furthers the theatre’s leadership in the field of arts education. Artist Educators are selected each season to facilitate school and community programs, as well as Drama School, in the Education & Participation Department.

Past Artist Educators at YPT include:

Leen Al-Madanat, Herbie Barnes, Shawn Byfield, Mark Cassidy, Marjie Chud, Kevin Chiao, Deb Drakeford, Christopher Duthie, Audrey Dwyer, Nicola Elbro, Kate Fenton, Roy Fernandes, Ramona Gilmour-Darling, Natalia Gracious, Carrie Hage, Elizabeth Helmers, Jeff Ho, Andrea Houssin, Britta Johnson, Thomas Morgan Jones, Brittany Kay, Rob Kempson, Mark Kreder, Amy Lee, Melinda Little, Darwin Lyons, Kate Martin, Setareh Masoumbeiki, Andy Massingham, Leslie McCue, Samantha Megarry, Dale Miller, Mary Francis Moore, Viv Moore, Melissa Murray-Mutch, Rachel Mutombo, Joelle Peters, Luke Reece, Claire Rouleau, Elizabeth Saunders, Emil Sher, Alix Sideris, Tanisha Taitt, Jennifer Villaverde and Anne Marie Woods.

Karen Gilodo
Associate Artistic Director, Education: