Indigenous Learning

Former YPT Community Engagement Facilitator Lindy Kinoshameg (front) presents his beautiful wood carving to former Artistic Director Allen MacInnis, Executive Director Nancy Webster and Special Projects Manager Rick Banville, in recognition of YPT’s commitment to Indigenous learning.

In 2017, YPT made a decision to respond to the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The Commission called on all Canadians to respond to its “Calls to Action”. It specifically stated that the Arts are uniquely positioned as a platform for reconciliation. And YPT – with learning at its centre and our youngest citizens its priority – is fundamentally committed to this journey.

YPT embraced the TRC call to increase knowledge and appreciation of the culture and history of Indigenous people. Former staff member Lindy Kinoshameg offered to pilot a series of educational workshops for YPT. Led by Indigenous elders and artists, the sessions explored the Seven Ancestral Teachings of the Anishinaabe. Lindy, along with Artist Educator Leslie McCue, titled their initiative INDIGENizeUS.

The pilot project galvanized YPT to have Indigeneity influence the organization’s practices and programming, and it became a central influence in our work with newcomers to Canada. YPT continues to prioritize Indigenous learning for staff, artists and our audiences, working to centre Indigenous ways of knowing both internally, and in our educational practices.

Learn more about the Seven Ancestral Teachings, Land Acknowledgements and YPT’s Indigenous programming at the links below.

Indigeneity at YPT Supported By

Land Acknowledgement

Seven Ancestral Teachings


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“INDIGENizeUS helped YPT staff develop a deeper understanding and how that relationship with Indigenous peoples has grown, and where it should grow into the future. We must trust in our knowledge, our teachings, and most importantly in ourselves to move forward with that relationship into the future.”
– Lindy Kinoshameg, former YPT Community Engagement Facilitator