Transformations Project



“What would it take to transform our society for the betterment of all?”

Hosted by the National Arts Centre (NAC), the Transformations Project is a national project in which live performance companies from across Canada are asking some of their favourite artists to approach the above question in whatever way they see fit.

Below are three new short works submitted to the National Transformations Project by Young People’s Theatre, written by Philip Akin, Christine Quintana and Eponine Lee. All three videos are connected in theme.

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By Philip Akin
Commissioned by Young People’s Theatre
Videography and Editing by Ali Sultani and Josh Hind

Utopia: An engagement with the idea. As Miyamoto Musashi alluded to in his chapter entitled “Rat’s Head, Ox’s Neck”.

Philip Akin is a Director, Artistic Director, Actor, Producer. Has done a few things and hopes to do many more.


By Christine Quintana
Commissioned by Young People’s Theatre
Photography and Editing by Christine Quintana

Taking inspiration from Philip Akin’s piece Utopia, Christine Quintana riffs on his idea of Utopia – what is it, and who gets to decide? A photo essay love letter to East Vancouver.

Christine is a playwright, actor, and co-artistic director of Delinquent Theatre.


By Eponine Lee
Commissioned by Young People’s Theatre
Photography and Editing by Eponine Lee
Dramaturgy by Stephen Colella
Special appearances by Richard Lee and Nina Lee Aquino

One Small Act is about questioning our idea of a perfect world, inspiring people (like you) to break the boundaries of society and remembering that one tiny act can make a storm.

Eponine Lee was born and raised in Toronto. She is a grade 8 student at a local Toronto Elementary school. She loves to read and hopes to one day be a writer, actor and a WNBA Basketball Player.

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