SensoryBox TYA

Co-written by Eric Rose and Christopher Duthie
Directed by Eric Rose
Featuring Richard Lee and
Gaitrie Persaud-Dhunmoon
(Deaf Performer) 
Developed in association with Ghost River Theatre


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Recommended for Ages 6-12 | Grades 1-6
Run Time: approx. 60 minutes



A Fun, Delightful & Surprising Experience  

Explore the electric connection between our senses and the imagination with SensoryBox TYA.

Don’t miss this fun and fascinating tactile experiment! The adventure begins with a wrapped box delivered to your door or classroom (no peeking until the event!). On the day of your performance, you’ll tune into a livestream, pop on a blindfold (included), and begin your tactile trek along with an online audience of young people. In the comfort of your own home or classroom, and alongside the gentle guiding voices of the host, you’ll discover the mysterious contents of your box – and the pure fun of play!

SensoryBox TYA is both a delightful exploration of the unknown and a comforting reframing of everyday items. The experience offers a sense of connectivity, discovery and delight from afar. By presenting objects to young viewers at home or school, we’re creating a bridge to the immediacy of live performance.

“Unlike traditional theatre, SensoryBox puts participants at the centre of the experience, activating their imagination and senses.”
SensoryBox TYA Host Richard Lee


Deaf-Friendly Video on Demand

This pre-recorded Deaf-friendly performance of SensoryBox TYA is hosted by a Deaf performer, Gaitrie Persaud-Dhunmoon, and includes ASL-English interpretation, as well as the ability to pause and return to the performance as needed.

Those interested in booking the Deaf-friendly SensoryBox TYA performance can contact for more details.


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Public Livestreams:

For full performance schedule, see calendar below.  

Click here for our SensoryBox TYA FAQ for public performances.

School Livestreams – SOLD OUT!

Click here for our SensoryBox TYA FAQ for school performances, including pre- and post-show information.

The SensoryBox TYA Study Guide can be found here.

Questions? Email Our Audience Experience Representatives will respond within 24 hours.

“It is our intention to celebrate and examine our relationship to touch at this particular moment in time. We are experimenting with how visceral touch can be in a live performance and through an online medium.”
Eric Rose, Ghost River Theatre Artistic Director

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Curriculum Connections

SensoryBox TYA connects to the Ontario Arts and Language curricula in the following ways. By participating in the SensoryBox TYA experience, students will:

  • Focus on awareness and communication of emotional and intellectual responses in the various art forms (Reflecting, Responding and Analyzing)
  • Make meaningful connections between themselves, what they encounter in texts, and the world around them
  • Make use of processing skills, including making inferences, interpreting, analyzing, evaluating, and forming conclusions
  • Listen to understand elements of story

Program & Study Guide