Written by Herbie Barnes
Directed by Eric Coates

ON THE ADA SLAIGHT STAGE Oct. 3 – 23, 2022
Recommended for Ages 5-12 | SK-Grade 6
Run time: approx. 60 minutes



“Each pathway is created by the single steps of
many who go before.”

– EaglesEye, Bentboy

Deep in a forest, in another time, begins the story of a child called Bentboy. Hunched and hobbled by his curved back, Bentboy is cast aside by his village. Until one day, he is chosen by an elder as the unlikely warrior to embark on a quest to save the village from grave danger. And so begins his epic adventure, and a tale both treacherous and tender. Along the way, Bentboy encounters an uninvited companion, and the two are plunged into a world that comes to life in perilous and astonishing ways.  Each on their own path, it will become a journey that transforms them both.

Bentboy - Herbie Barnes quote

Bentboy cast & creative team

Teacher Resources

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Program & Study Guide

Drama Workshop

Curriculum Connections

The Arts – Drama, Dance
Health and Physical Education – Healthy Relationships, Social Emotional Learning Skills
Social Studies – Heritage and Identity

Ancestral Teachings




Embracing the value of every person

Redefining community

Understanding our relationship to the natural world and each other