Script Submissions

From the very beginning, Young People’s Theatre established its dedication to professional productions of the highest quality — classic or contemporary — from Canada and around the world, written especially for children and their families.

At YPT, learning is at the centre of why and how we operate our professional theatre and drama school for children. We seek to have a positive impact on the emotional, social and intellectual development of young people. We believe the theatre we create for kids deserves every bit as much care as that created for adults. We demand of ourselves a deep level of engagement in all we do – and seek to provide it for those who experience our work. And we are committed to reflecting the diversity of this marvelous, still under-construction world our young people live in. These are the criteria that we consider when reading new submissions.



We accept scripts on an on-going, year-round basis.

We are only able to offer developmental support to Canadian playwrights. However, we are willing to accept submissions of produced plays from international playwrights for production consideration.

Each play submission should include:

  1. Your full mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.
  2. A cover letter containing information about the development of the play, what stage you feel the script is at, any past or current productions, and any contractual obligations you have with other theatres regarding this play.
  3. Synopsis of the play.
  4. Breakdown of the cast (how many in the cast, doubling, etc.)
  5. A SASE with sufficient postage should also be included if you wish for your play to be returned.

We encourage you to submit using double-sided printing to reduce the use of paper and your costs. All submissions should be sent to the Associate Artistic Director and Dramaturg, Stephen Colella, at:

165 Front Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 3Z4


We acknowledge, via e-mail, that your submission has been received.

Once your submission has been read, you will receive a letter from us to indicate whether we are interested in further discussion or if the play isn’t a good fit for us.

Every submission will receive a response. Please be patient. Other time constraints may delay our replies. We generally do not include dramaturgical feedback in our responses.

Any script that we are not pursuing will be recycled once a response has been sent unless a SASE with sufficient postage has been included.

Script Submissions inquiries

Stephen Colella
Associate Artistic Director and Dramaturg