INdepth & ONline

YPT Workshops and Artist Residencies Online

YPT’s INdepth and ONsite program for schools continues to be available in an online format. The program includes customized online workshops and artist residencies, delivering interactive learning experiences for teachers and students at all grade levels.

SPOTLIGHT: Pre- and Post-Show Engagement

Book one of YPT’s professional Artist Educators to facilitate dynamic, drama-based online pre- and post-workshops connected to a YPT production. These drama-based online workshops actively engage students in exploring specific themes and ideas of the play.

SPOTLIGHT (a pre-and a post-workshop, 60 minutes each): $375.00
Maximum 30 students per workshop.

THE CRAFT: Drama and Performance Skill Building

Book one of YPT’s professional Artist Educators to facilitate theatre-based, online workshops to support drama curriculum goals or skill-building related to performance and theatre making. Workshop content can include: Ensemble Building, Improvisation, Indigenous Storytelling, Collective Creation, Shakespeare and much more.

THE CRAFT (60 minutes each): $200
Maximum 30 students per workshop.

BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL: Animate Your Curriculum!

So many possibilities! For instance, do you want to incorporate drama techniques to teach language learning? Are you interested in exploring history, science, math or other areas of the curriculum using theatre? These workshops can support your students in exploring content using drama, that is tailored to your curriculum goals. We will work with you to design and implement inspiring and innovative online learning experiences with our Artist Educators.

BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL (60 minutes each): $200
Maximum 30 students per workshop.

INdepth Residencies: Integrate an artist’s perspective in your school community

For educators wanting to create interactive learning for their students over an extended period of time, YPT can arrange an online artist residency for your school. Professional Artist Educators will work with students on an ongoing basis using the world of drama and performance to achieve a range of curriculum goals – all co-designed between the artist and school. Cost varies depending on the program content and length of residency (please contact us for specifics).


Please contact Aimee Bouchard, Education & Participation Programs Manager: