Ada Slaight Stage

Ada Slaight Stage

The Ada Slaight Stage at 165 Front Street East is a 433-seat theatre that features a large heritage brick background wall, motorised trusses, soft goods, full theatrical lighting, and a large open stage.

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Stage Dimensions

Depth: 27’-1/4”

Width: 36’0” suggested width for sightlines
24’-0” at DS edge of apron
65′-0″ at maximum width; 49′-0″ at setting line

Height: DS Fixed border is 20’0” from deck
28′-6″ to under catwalks
36′-6″ clear of catwalks


Onstage Rigging: YPT has a limited movable onstage rigging system, which is comprised of a series of truss and chain motors. The exact number and location of all truss will be determined in consultation with the Technical Director during the preliminary design stage.
Sound: Inventory available upon request
Lighting: Inventory available upon request
Stage Draperies: Inventory available upon request
Seating: 307 (Orchestra), 118 (Balcony), 8 (Accessible)
Cyclorama: The size and type to be determined in consultation with the Technical Director.

Dressing Rooms

Capacity: 6 Dressing rooms (17 people), including one wheelchair accessible
Facilities: Main Floor: 3 single-stall washrooms (1 in Dressing Room 6), 1 wheelchair accessible washroom & shower; Basement: 1 single-stall shower, 1 single-stall washroom

Loading Area

An 8’ x 12’ portion of the stage left floor has to be removed to allow the loading doors to open. There is a 2’ lift from loading level to stage level. After loading is completed the removed stage portions must be replaced. This process requires 2 crew. Therefore any use of the loading dock should be done all at once.
Located on SL: loads directly from street onto stage
Loading dock: height from street 5′-0″
Loading door: height 9′-9″, width 10′-4″

Wardrobe Facilities

Laundry and Wardrobe Facilities at 165 Front Street are located in the basement.
Equipment: Washer, dryer, industrial steam iron, industrial steamer, industrial sewing machine (x 1)


Stage Employees at YPT are represented by Local 58 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees.

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