Shifting Stages

Young People’s Theatre is pleased to announce Shifting Stages – A New Creation Initiative for Young Audiences. Since YPT’s artistic work is currently occurring online, the company is inviting artists to propose experimental ways to engage with young audiences.

YPT regularly engages in a two-phase play development process called Exploration and Commission. Exploration provides support for the artist to investigate their new concept while also providing the theatre with a deeper understanding of the intentions behind the work. If there is excitement from both the artist and YPT at the end of the Exploration phase, the work proceeds to Commission, a phase during which both artist and theatre commit to a process that will see the eventual production of the play.

Shifting Stages will provide financial and artistic support to one or more projects to explore a work for young audiences that they can experience remotely. Experiments could utilize standard technology, like a phone or the radio, or new technology, such as social media or virtual reality. This exploration will take place during YPT’s 2020.21 season with an opportunity to work with test audiences in March 2021.

YPT will accept expressions of interest for Shifting Stages from across Canada and select one to two projects. The development process and schedule for each project will be tailored to its individual needs. The deadline to send in materials is October 30, 2020. Please include the following items:

  • A cover letter,
  • A proposal discussing the form you would like to explore and any related story or content (max. one page), and
  • A resume or list of related experience.

All materials should be sent in a single PDF file to

For further inquiries, please contact Stephen Colella, Associate Artistic Director and Dramaturg at Young People’s Theatre: