YPT Lobby Mural

lobby mural

The new mural that weaves throughout YPT’s first and second floor lobbies was inspired by YPT’s commitment to Indigenous learning and desire for cultural exchange. We were honoured to have these unique paintings designed and implemented by a team of artists from the 7th Generation Image Makers program (7thGIM) at Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (NCFST).


Starting on the first floor, the mural begins with water and the animals who reside there. As you take the stairwell up to the second floor, you will see that you are travelling from water to land. Then, on the ceiling of the second floor, we can view the sky and the eagle who carries our messages to the Creator. The various paintings illustrate the Seven Grandfathers of Anishinaabe culture and their associated clans/animals.

mural pillars
Photos by Leslie McCue.

YPT is committed to having the Seven Ancestral Teachings of Respect, Humility, Bravery, Honesty, Love, Wisdom and Truth influence our core values. These teachings form the basis of the INDIGENizeUS workshops created by YPT Community Engagement Facilitator Lindy Kinoshameg and Artist Educator Leslie McCue.

Thank you to the following artists of 7th Generation Image Makers:
Taylor Cameron
Renae Denedchezhe
Jacob Henry
Nishina Shapwaykeesic-Loft
Deshaun Whyte

Housed at the Native Youth Resource Centre, 7thGIM has been the staple arts program of NCFST since 1996, and currently operates an art studio and variety of programs for Indigenous youth ages 16-24. For more information, visit www.nativechild.org.