Kendra Fry

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My husband and I both work in theatre and chose YPT for our kids first show, Seussical. We were in the fourth row on opening night with our three year old beside us. She was entranced, engaged, half out of her seat for the whole performance. However, near the end she grew tired as three year olds do. They were singing the song of “What do you think about when you think about Seuss?” In a huge loud voice our kid said “I really never think about Seuss. NEVER!!”. I was aghast and it was definitely heard but there was barely an eyebrow quirk from the stage. She has seen many of Ypt’s shows and when she sees actors from her favourites she often quotes their lines or songs back and them. This has made for a lovely ongoing dialogue over years. Thanks YPT for being such a part of our lives!

– Kendra Fry, Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre