Gordon Y

My first visit to YPT was back when I was 8 or 9 years old and we were taken to see a production of the musical Jacob Two Two and the Dinosaur by Mordecai Richler which was part of the 23rd season in 1988-1989 and part of the 24th season in 1989-1990. I remember being amazed at how the Dinosaur came to life and we participated in the after talk discussion and it made me want to find out more about performing. I’ve seen more productions since then, and look forward to the next 50 years. Thanks to the cast, crew, and staff of YPT for 50 great years of fantastic shows. Here’s to many more!

– Gordon Y

Catherine Smalley

I was lucky to have two formative experiences at YPT. As a young Guelph graduate I landed a position as executive assistant to Susan Rubes for the opening of the theatre on Front Street. What an exciting, eye-opening, inspiring time that was! Then, 20 years later, I returned as General Manager for Maja Ardal. I found that YPT was still an extraordinary, inspiring place doing wonderful work for families and schools. And it still is. Congratulations on 50 great years; what an enviable legacy. May YPT flourish forever!

– Catherine Smalley

Jane Vanstone Osborn

As many of us did I started my life in theatre as a child watching shows at the Colonnade. I remember it as a magical place, hidden in a mall, near the ROM where my dad worked. My Mom and her friends would take my sister and I there to see shows, though we always suspected that we were just an excuse. Theatre turned out to be in my blood as well as theirs. I ended up volunteering as an usher at YPT, then working in the production office. My heart was backstage though and I became an apprentice stage manager on The Prince and the Pauper in the 87/88 season. I have fond memories of taping out a massive revolving staircase in the rehearsal hall, watching the skill of a dresser who was a true quick change artist, and burning off the torches on front street to the amusement of passers by. Sometimes as the lights went down at the start of a show and the children went wild we’d wonder why we bothered, then the show would start and you could here the audience getting involved and you’d remember why. Theatre is a special place and it has been my pleasure to create it for over 30 years. Congrats on the 50th and thanks for getting me started.

– Jane Vanstone Osborn

Kendra Fry

My husband and I both work in theatre and chose YPT for our kids first show, Seussical. We were in the fourth row on opening night with our three year old beside us. She was entranced, engaged, half out of her seat for the whole performance. However, near the end she grew tired as three year olds do. They were singing the song of “What do you think about when you think about Seuss?” In a huge loud voice our kid said “I really never think about Seuss. NEVER!!”. I was aghast and it was definitely heard but there was barely an eyebrow quirk from the stage. She has seen many of Ypt’s shows and when she sees actors from her favourites she often quotes their lines or songs back and them. This has made for a lovely ongoing dialogue over years. Thanks YPT for being such a part of our lives!

– Kendra Fry, Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre


My mother took me to the YPT all the time. I was very lucky! I saw The Emperor’s Panda, Mischief City, Jacob Two-Two (all the stories), Frog and Toad… I also went to the drama camps a few times and I had a great time – being backstage at a real theatre and putting our own performance was so fun and exciting. Thank you, YPT!
(P.S. please bring back Mischief City – I’ve lost my audio tape and I need to listen to Don’t Drink the Bath Water!)

– Phoebe