Andrea Dymond

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I had an unusual childhood. By the age of 6, I had seen at least a dozen plays and only one film in a movie theatre. Most children, especially nowadays, have the opposite experience. This was partially because I was fortunate enough to have spent my early childhood in the 1970s growing up in a city like Toronto, which had such excellent children’s theatre. My mother took me to everything. One of the shows I have the most vivid early memories of was The Lost Fairy Tale. I remembered the theatre space vividly as well, which is why, after an absence of almost 30 years (due to the fact my family moved to the East Coast when I was in Grade 1), it was a surreal experience to step back into that theatre space to see Bunnicula. It was as though the space had shrunk as seen through my adult eyes! However, the magic in the performances was still the same. You cannot replace the magic of live theatre! More importantly, being exposed to such great theatre at a young age is why I am a working professional theatre artist today. Thanks for the inspiration and happy 50th Anniversary, YPT! (As a footnote, my mother now wishes she had exposed me to more science museums, so that I’d have become a scientist when I grew up!)

– Andrea Dymond, Halifax actor/writer/director/producer